B2BShoutOut !!!

Ok, I started a brand new blog to talk about a cool new idea I am working on with my friend. We have named it B2BShoutOut !!!

The 1st post if for AppSumo “Lean Startup Challenge”

Pain Point

Getting customers is the most important need for businesses. Marketing and Advertising their business helps them get more customers but in today’s world there are so many channels of marketing (Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.) that poor business person cannot concentrate on his business and has to learn these channels and understand how to navigate each channel to bring customers to his business.


We will help businesses get quality deals in Marketing and Advertising space.

  • We have daily deals (Groupon style) on the website.
  • Each deal will also get rating and feedback from businesses who have bought and consumed the services.
  • Popular and Top rated deals will be re-run again on the site
  • We will have multiple deals in each of the popular categories (SEO, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Deals will be on variety of marketing and advertising services РLogo creation, Blog posting to promote a business, Link building, Improve Search Engine rankings, Expert consultations with Marketing Experts( SEO, SEM, Facebook, Twitter), etc.

We are using step-by-step approach as stated in Launchbit Startup guide, which we got through buying AppSumo startup bundle. The launchguide is based on “Lean Startup” methodology.

We are still in idea market opportunity evaluation phase (close to doing survey)

Will like if we can win this challenge !!!

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